If I had to chose a specific time that "Pink with Purple Polka Dots" began, well, I couldn't. I can't. The phrase came about way back in the nineties, back when blogging didn't exist. It was a different time. Common folk didn't have access to the internet. Kids knew more ways to turn a pile of leaves and a stick into endless hours of fun, than there were video games in existence. I know. I know. Some young whipper snapper is paling reading this and thinking, "You're old."

First, I was a baby during these dark times. I was barely out the crib. My mom still wiped my behind. So, I am not THAT old. I am a mere twenty-two, currently. So... take it back! Secondly, I was cute. So it doesn't matter.

Where was I? Oh. Yes. It was the early nineties. I was a toddler and my mother had decided she wanted to paint the outside of our house. Her and my birth-father couldn't agree on a color. Their brilliant solution was to ask me what colors I wanted to paint it. I was so happy when they asked me. It was a big girl decision and they asked me.

I quickly made them regret this decision when I replied, "pink with purple polka dots." My mother laughed at me and my birth-father groaned. In my defense, I was like, what, four? What did they really expect? I mean really. 

In the end, they settled on cream colored siding and forest green trim. I think the neighbor's appreciated the choice. Even though they didn't use my colors, it has stuck with me my whole life. When coming up with a name for this blog, every thing felt forced. Then I remembered, pink with purple polka dots. To me, it's a throw back to a happier time, a simpler time, my time.

11/22/2013 4:55pm

They should have went with pink and purple polka dots. That would have been epic, though this opinion is strictly my own. I am sure the neighbors could have gotten used to it :)


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