In an effort to liven things up around here, I have decided to participate in one of the many blogging challenges floating around the wonderful world of Pinterest. Today's assignment is, "20 facts about me." Here we go!

1. I love squirrels!
2. Melman is the best sock monkey ever!
3. The only foot ball team worth cheering for, is the 49ers. Niners nation, baby!
4.The only baseball team worth my time is the SF Giants.
5. I have PTSD.
6. I am working through the 12 steps of al-anon.
7.I cry when watching fireworks.
8.I cry when I hear the national anthem.
9.I am obnoxiously patriotic.
10. I am a barista and love it.
11. I can make hearts in lattes.
12. I am currently reading "The Hunger Games," and loving the books.
13. My cat's name is Captain Curious Boy Georgie Porgie Harrison Takei McNugget of the Jungle.
14. I think that my boyfriend is "the one."
15. I am a sister of Sigma Alpha Iota, International Music Fraternity for Women.
16.I am in a long distance relationship (but not for long).
17. I would rather wear things from the Halloween section as normal clothes.
18. I find water yummy.
19. I am a slight beach bum.
20.I am a Private (E-2) in the Virginia Defense Force.

I realize that some of this is kind of random; however, that was kind of hard to come up with. I hope this gives you all a better sense of who you're interacting with!

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